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In an effort to show parents, students, staff and community members how we are giving back, we are highlighting recent purchases for HHS.   Thanks to our volunteers for making this purchase possible. Woot woot!  

Coach Matt Zimolzak requested a 5-man Sled – presented an option for the Boosters, Athletic Department, and Football to split the cost 3-ways due to the lack of funds at the current time of request in the Boosters budge. Total Cost: $9,265.61/3=$3,088.54/each to be paid.  Board members inquired about Grid Iron Club providing funding for this and Coach Zimolzak reported that there was no fundraising this past summer, but those funds are normally used to send the players to the team camp. The last sled purchased is over 9+ years old and the bags are 15+ years old. Coach Zimolzak/Football was present the majority of meetings for the 2019-2020 school year. 

Request Approved but to be deferred until volunteers raise more funds through the concession sales of the first football games.